Why is land and food not treated as a human right? - Afrikagrupperna


The journey towards a sustainable food system: Why is land and food not treated as a human right?  

Afrikagrupperna welcomes you to the third seminar during the biodiversity week on “The journey towards a transformative sustainable food system: why is land and food not treated as a human right”! 

The global race for land continues to intensify, leading to large-scale land investments for the purpose of producing fuel and food. Land, food, and other natural resources continue to be treated as only a commodity to be exploited within a market system without the regards of the human rights violation and environmental destruction it brings forth. FAO reported that, one reason causing a decline in biodiversity is due to how we use our natural resources e.g., land, water, forest. 

Join us as we discuss Environmental and peasants/farmers’ rights, what kind of transformative food system we should have. The seminar will focus on the UNDROP with lesson and experience shared from Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe. 

Louise Lindfors, Secretary General, Afrikagrupperna 
Dr Christophe Golay, Senior Research Fellow and Strategic Adviser on ESC Rights, Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights 
Million Belay, General coordinator, Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa, AFSA 
Dr Juliana Porsani, Lecturer, Södertörn University 
Ntando Ndlovu, Programme Officer Afrikagrupperna 

Youtubelänk till live streamingen: https://youtu.be/XwlArYaa-70 

Facebookevent: https://fb.me/e/2sywDdFw1  

Carmina Antonio Foto: Linda Nyström

Om evenemanget

Datum: 21 MAJ 2021

Tid: 10.30-11.45

Plats: Facebook & Youtube (Se länk i beskrivningen)

Stad: Stockholm