Internationella kvinnodagen: Teresia Bella Nelumbu läser "Voices" - Afrikagrupperna

Nyhet 2022-03-08

Internationella kvinnodagen: Teresia Bella Nelumbu läser ”Voices”


By: Teresia Bella Nelumbu

Voices are sounds.
And sounds come from everywhere,
And everywhere can be anywhere,
And anywhere can be everything.
Voices, voices are everything.

Voices, voices of people.
You and me.

Voices of those that are crying out loud for justice and no crisis.
Fires burning,

Animalss dying,
Families praying for their loved ones to be found.
No words, less sound.
No actions, just doubts.

Voice: noun, 

plural noun: voices

1-the sound produced in a person’s larynx and uttered through the mouth as speech or song.
2-a particular opinion or attitude expressed.
Voice, voices, speech, sound, expression.

Loud and as clear as day, statements made in and out day by day.
Promises broken, voices gone unheard, hearts shattered, blind eye turned to the ones that need it the most.

Words said, still
No changes.

Pages left unturned, secrets kept under the rugs, the justice system still chooses to fail us.
The ones that are in the dirt is not them,and for them they look foward to just another vacation.

The monsters walk amongst us because they are let out on bail, no jail.
But they say you won’t feel the pain until it hits home.

What they don’t know is that the home we speak of is our country.

Home country, mother land.
Land of the brave, they said
But what is bravery when there is no equality?
Beauty reduced to an amount of low quantity.
Bloodshed on the streets, hearts full of greed.
Agreed to be sold off!

It’s almost like we are still living in the ”white-men era”


Voices that are quieting down.
Silence is becoming a norm because voices are slowly turning into bodies.
Bodies of sexual abuse,

used and left out to rot.
Cases turn cold because no one is bold enough to hold on to the bulls horns and hope for a better future.

Visions destroyed.
Voices unheard, voices made small.
Voices are gone. But,

Voices are strong.
Let our voices not become bygones.