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Nyhet 2020-08-31

News from Southern Africa

ANGOLA: Angola may benefit from USD 2.6 billion moratorium

The country may stop paying USD 2.6 billion in debt payment this year alone, which corresponds to 3.1 percent of last year’s GDP, according to the Fitch Ratings financial rating agency. Angola will be the most benefitted country from a possible extension of the G20 Debt Service Suspension Initiative (DSSI) and could “save” 4.3 percent of GDP. The data are contained in the report on the impact of the accession of the most vulnerable countries to the G20 initiative.
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MOZAMBIQUE: Mozambican Newspaper HQ Torched After Leaking State Documents

The head office of an investigative newspaper in Mozambique that angered the government by leaking confidential documents has been destroyed in a suspected arson attack. The leaked documents revealed plans to send troops to protect the firms from insurgents that have been wreaking havoc in the area since 2017. The US Embassy in Maputo described the incident as a suspected arson attack.
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NAMIBIA: Govt gets N$628 million from quota auctions

The government stands to pocket around N$627,9 million from the auction of fishing quotas, and has said now the real value of the fish is known. This amount was announced by minister of finance Iipumbu Shiimi, who said it is twice more than the N$315 million the government could have raised if fish quotas were sold the usual way. Motivating the auction, Shiimi said the marine resources law gives the government the authority to exploit the resource, and that this particular auction was to generate income for Covid-19-related expenses, among others.
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SOUTH AFRICA: Government to review rules around hiring foreign workers in South Africa

President Cyril Ramaphosa says that government is working on a number of reforms to tackle the country’s growing unemployment rate. The president, who was answering questions during a parliamentary Q&A session on Thursday (27 August), said that this will include a review of migration and its impact on economic activity. To deal with these issues Ramaphosa said that an inter-ministerial committee (IMC) has been established to deal with the employment of foreign nationals.
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ZIMBABWE: The liberator unleashes terror as mass dejection escalates

President Emmerson Mnangagwa this week marked his second year in power since his inauguration after winning the 2018 disputed elections by a wafer-thin 50,6%.
His term of office during that period reads like a Stephen King horror novel marked with allegations of human rights abuses, corruption and a massive decline of the country’s economy. Journalists from all over the world craved for an interview with the man that would bring change to the ruinous and despotic rule of his predecessor and long-time mentor, the late former president Robert Mugabe.
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