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Nyhet 2020-05-08

News from Southern Africa

ANGOLA: Angola without new positive case in 48 hours

Angola is 48 hours now without a single new positive case of covid-19, remaining with its 36 infections announced two days ago, Health authorities said at the daily covid-19 update briefing, Angola remains with its 36 infections, two deaths, 11 recoveries and 23 active patients in stable condition..
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MOZAMBIQUE: Deadly triple threat douses Mozambique’s $60 billion LNG hopes

The year 2020 seemed a like a year of great prospects for this south-east African nation. Prospects of construction in the north coast, natural-gas market and oil exports sought to transform one of the world’s poorest countries; however, these prospects are imminently threatened. The oil’s plunge has cut industry spending worldwide, the corona virus has spread through Total’s construction camp and attacks by an Islamic State-linked insurgency have surged.

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Making sense of Mozambique’s brutal insurgency

NAMIBIA: Namibian Omusati farmers lose harvest to crickets

Farmers in the Omusati region have lost hope of a good harvest after an outbreak of armoured crickets have been destroying fields in several constituencies throughout the region since early March. These farmers we are depending on the harvest to feed their families and gain an income.

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SOUTH AFRICA: South African children face hunger as school closure halts free meals

The closure of South Africa’s schools seven weeks ago halted a national feeding programme providing meals to 9 million extremely poor children, filling their stomachs and helping them get through the classroom day to get an education. Now a potential hunger crisis looms. The economic hardship has been severe since President Cyril Ramaphosa ordered most citizens to stay indoors.
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ZIMBABWE: Headline: US$84.9 million urgently required to support National COVID-19 response in Zimbabwe

In the updated Global Humanitarian Response Planthe United Nations and humanitarian partners in Zimbabwe have appealed for US$84.9 million to respond to both the immediate public health crisis and the secondary impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on vulnerable people in Zimbabwe; including children, the elderly, women, people with disabilities, people living with HIV, refugees, migrants, and those affected by drought and food insecurity.
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Stöd vårt arbete!

Våra månadsgivare – Afrikapartners, är otroligt viktiga. Regelbundet stöd gör det möjligt för oss att arbeta långsiktigt och göra verklig skillnad för människor i södra Afrika. Andra sätt att stödja vår arbete är att swisha ett bidrag eller köpa en gåva.