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Nyhet 2020-04-07

News from Southern Africa

ANGOLA: Why some Angolans are defying coronavirus lockdown

In the face of falling oil prices and an economy that has been in recession for the past five years, everyone is doing their part to keep their families alive during the lockdown. But residents in the capital Luanda are struggling and as a result breaking some of the lockdown rules. With no access to basic goods, water, some residents vow to keep on working to make ends meet.
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MOZAMBIQUE: State of emergency for Covid-19 announcement creates confusion  

 Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi has declared a 30-day state of emergency as part of a strategic attempt to contain the spread of the coronavirus. During the month of April there will be restrictions of people’s movements, gatherings and places of entertainment, not a full lockdown as yet. There were reports of police closing shops and markets. This was due to confusion about the parliament approved decree, which included ”closure of commercial establishments”.  

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NAMIBIA: Namibian Government Rolls Out N$8,1b Covid-19 Stimulus

The government has committed N$562 million as an emergency income grant to support households that have lost incomes as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This funding is part of an N$8,1 billion first phase of an economic stimulus and relief package on the impact of Covid-19 on the economy and households.

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SOUTH AFRICA: South Africa’s ruthlessly efficient fight against coronavirus

South Africa seems to have acted faster, more efficiently, and more ruthlessly than many other countries around the world. One week into the nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and it is tempting – dangerously tempting – to breathe a sigh of relief. There has been the struggle to impose social distancing and effective hygiene in South Africa’s poorest, most crowded neighbourhoods, where many fear the virus could yet wreak havoc.
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SOUTH AFRICA: Community Healthcare Workers risking their lives to fight Covid-19 without protective gear 

The announcement by President Cyril Pamaphosa that Community Healthcare Workers (CHWs) will be deployed to screen civilians at their homes during the lockdown, in response to the reported coronavirus infection statistics has sparked concern and fear. CHWs are placed in the front line to fight the spread of the virus with inadequate protective gear, which not only puts their lives at risk but also that of their families and communities. The health and safety of the CHWs and those that are working on the frontline need to taken into account.
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ZIMBABWE: UN agency keeps Africa food aid flowing amid coronavirus

The United Nations food agency has negotiated a humanitarian corridor to keep food aid flowing in southern Africa after many countries shut their borders to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Zimbabwe and the United Nations on Thursday made a joint appeal for $770 million in humanitarian aid to help the country cope with a drought and the coronavirus as well as to fund its education and health sectors.
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