Samtal om boken "Johannesburg the Blinded City" - Afrikagrupperna


The blinded city – 10 years in the inner-city Johannesburg

Friday 29 September 09.15-09.45
Globala Torget, Bokmässan i Göteborg

“Johannesburg – The blinded city “
Moderator: Louise Lindfors, Afrikagrupperna
Panelists: Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon (South Africa) on link, author of “The Blinded City – Ten years in the inner-city Johannesburg”.

This conversation will explore the city of Johannesburg through the lens and stories of the people. Afrikagrupperna invites the prominent writer, educator and editor Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon from South Africa on link to discuss his fascinating book from 2022, “The Blinded City – Ten years in the inner-city Johannesburg”.

Solomon is shortlisted for the Sunday Times Literary Awards in the non-fiction category, which is South Africa’s most prestigious literary award. (…/2023-09-24-the-2023…/)

The Blinded City recounts the history of inner-city Johannesburg from 2010 to 2019, primarily from the perspectives of the unlawful occupiers of spaces known as hijacked buildings, bad buildings or dark buildings. Tens of thousands of residents, both South African and foreign national, live in these buildings in dire conditions. This book tells the story of these sites and the court cases around them, which strike at the centre of who has the right to occupy the city” Solomon will take us on a journey through Johannesburg and share his experiences working and living in this vibrant city for decades. The conversation will reflect on social justice, dignity and the violent housing policies in South Africa often failing the brave residences of Johannesburg, the place they call home.

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