Mänskliga Rättighetsdagarna - Feminist alternatives: a conversation with Winnet Shamuyarira - Afrikagrupperna


Mänskliga Rättighetsdagarna –  Feminist alternatives: a conversation with Winnet Shamuyarira

Afrikagrupperna invites you to a conversation with a prominent guest from the global human rights sphere. Winnet Shamuyarira from Zimbabwe (Militarisation and Violence against Women Coordinator at the organisation WoMin) will share her experiences working on the battlefield for women’s rights and the interlinks with extractives projects in Southern Africa. 

The conversation will shine light on global feminist alternatives, the role of civil society and elaborate on the need for structural change to eliminate gender-based violence and femicides. The conversation will raise awareness about perspectives and methods for change we could apply on several levels, and in different capacities, to combat the violence in the worrying times we’re in.

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Om evenemanget

Datum: 18 NOV 2022

Tid: 16.00-16.30

Plats: Convendum

Stad: Örebro