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Headline: Constitutional Court organic draft-law ready for Parliament

The draft law on the Organic Structure of the Constitutional Court (TC) is to be submitted to the National Assembly (parliament), after having been favourably assessed, last Wednesday, by the Angolan Government, in a Cabinet Council meeting. According to the final communiqué of this session of the Cabinet Council, chaired by President João Lourenço, the draft law clarifies the role of the Constitutional Court.
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Headline: Mozambique school children face ‘catastrophic’ fall-out from COVID-19: a UN Resident Coordinator blog
School children in Mozambique are facing what a senior United Nations and World Bank official in the southern African country are calling “catastrophic outcomes” from the COVID-19 pandemic. The novel coronavirus sneaked into Mozambique in silence, yet it might have a far more devastating impact on Rafina’s life, and the life of all Mozambican children, than any previous disaster.
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Headline: N$72.8b budget to restart economy… Shiimi looks at rebuilding in the wake of Covid-19
Finance minister Iipumbu Shiimi yesterday tabled a N$72.8 billion national budget, largely aimed at restarting a Namibian economy that – just as the rest of the world – has been brought to its knees by the Covid-19 pandemic. This year’s extraordinary budget is presented under the theme ‘Together Defeating Covid-19, Together Thriving Again’, which Shiimi said summons the collective contribution of all Namibians to defeat Covid-19 as a necessary condition for future economic recovery and prosperity.
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South Africa

Headline: How South Africa can best balance control of COVID-19 and avoid economic disaster
There is intense pressure on the South African government to lift the lockdown and open the economy. Sustainably lifting out of the lockdown is critical. But there is no roadmap. The stakes are high and there are no right answers, just ones that juggle uncertain probabilities. There is little doubt that a better balance between health and economic imperatives must be found. This will require a different way of thinking about – and prioritising – these twin imperatives.
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Headline: MDC Reaches Out to United Nations Over Abductions

MDC Alliance has called for a United Nations led investigations into the abduction and torture of three of its members. The opposition party is extremely concerned that the Police Forensic Department took inappropriate pictures of the three women for the purposes of ’investigations’ but the photos were leaked and found their way on social media, thereby further victimising and traumatising the victims.
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Photo: Johanna Liljegren

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