Why lawyers represent criminals

Child abuse is the worst crime a mentally stable human being can commit. On their own, children are defenseless, they are vulnerable and above all they trust. They trust adults, they trust teachers and above all, they trust all elders. Mr. Stanford Godfrey Sithole was one such teacher/elder/adult that was trusted by the little girls that he taught. He abused that trust, he molested the girls, raped them, he threatened them with death, he concealed the evidence, he denied charges, he hired a lawyer, he sold his house to raise funds for the lawsuit, all because He could.

1The magistrate’s court nearly bought his story, Mr. Stanford Sithole was bailed-out on a $ 500 grant, which could not surmount to or worthy the girls’ innocence and future. Mr. Sithole walked out boastfully almost assured that his crime was buried and nothing could stand between him and his freedom. FACT Chiredzi continued to make noise, to visit the school, to visit the police, to interact with the Victim Friendly Police Unit. They visited the Unit twice a month, to ask, to check, to monitor the process and progress of the docket. It was at this point in time that the Magistrate’s court discovered they were on live broadcast lest they draw serious attention by making ill decisions. Finally, the magistrate’s court  had to pass a judgement regardless of the denial from Mr Sithole and appeal from the heavily rewarded lawyer, Mr. Stanford Godfrey Sithole (65 years) was convicted of 2 counts of rape and 7 counts of indecent  assault. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison. The girls are receiving rehabilitation and counselling.


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