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After 4 years of walking and working together for a supposedly common purpose, it is time for the parties to go separate ways just in 5 days away. All parties reached a compromise in 2009 and signed the  Agreement of their intent to Return to Democracy. It is or it has been inevitable that the coalition will come to an end. However, the 3rd strand (Professor Arthur Mutambara) developed weak knees before the winning point. His party disintegrated with other supporters going back to Morgan Tsvangirai’s faction highlighting that he was never sincere. This gave birth to MDC Ncube, who is and was a faction from Morgan Tsvangirai as well. Zimbabwe was governed by the Lancaster House Agreement of December 1979 for 33 years. However, 2013 has been a successful year with the New Constitution adopted by the citizens of Zimbabwe, for the first time since 33 years of independence.

Tsvangirai-Mutambara-Mugabe-at-State-HouseThe Government of National Unity was formed on the 13th of February 2009 and the main objective was to create a genuine, viable, permanent and nationally acceptable solution to the Zimbabwean situation. Fundamental to that was the need to restoration of democracy and the garnering of international support to revive the country’s collapsed economy. To bring to remembrance, Zimbabwe’s inflation rate had drastically increased and broken the world record there-ever was at 89 700 000 000 000 000 000 000 % in Mid November 2008, (pronounced as sextillion) for a non war/conflict State, to which the success is recorded as an adoption of a US dollar currently stable at  8.3%. This was attributed to the Government of National Unity’s (GNU) adopted policies.

Nevertheless the GNU’s strategies could not go without any subterfuge. There were reports of incidences of media repression, human rights violations, political violence, abductions, arrests, torture and the murder of opposition politicians and activists in a bid to retain supremacy in the transitional government and neutralize its partners. Various analysts indicate that there has been numerous breaches of the agreement by the ruling paper. Today each party is aggressively and desperately working on their muscles to convince the citizens of their intention and plans in moving Zimbabwe forward. Each party has launched their Manifesto and more information will be shared as it avails.

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