The New Supreme Law

WP_000139March 2013, 3 million Zimbabwean citizens voted for the New Constitution with 94.5% voting yes. The new constitution would limit the President to two five-year terms in office and prevent them from vetoing legislation passed by Parliament. It establishes an independent prosecuting authority, a peace and reconciliation commission and an anti-corruption commission. It also allows for dual citizenship, but prevents any legal challenges to the land reform programme. The draft has been duly adopted as the constitution of Zimbabwe. The next step will be to take the draft to parliament where it will be promulgated into law and then signed by the President.
This time the voter turnout was higher than the 2,696,670 who voted in the 2005 general elections, the 2,421,973 who cast their ballots in the March 2008 general elections and the 2,514,750 who voted in the June 27, 2008, presidential election run-off. Zimbabwe has 5.6 million registered voters.

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