The Desired Change: Zimbabwe

MDC T manifesto (5)

Photot by Watson Ofumeli

Morgan Tsvangirai, is the first ever resilient and persistent opposition there ever was in Zimbabwe. He survived the arrests, raids,  accidents, beating and none of these things moved him. He has his followers, that are part of the population that desire to see change. Prof. Arthur Mutambara, became weary and left the competition which is not for the faint hearted. However, he had managed to take a chunk of followers to his party fraction, the MDC-T. His followers have since returned to Morgan Tsvangirai stating that Mutambara was never sincere. Maybe at this point in time Mutambara has no place to call home. In 2013, Professor Welshman Ncube has also come hot in a bid to snatch another chunk from MDC-T, however, the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai who is running for Presidency is not moved, either are his supporters. He has public respect and people call him a humble man. He has support across all walks of life and age. With his Red Regalia, citizens walk with conviction that victory has arrived.

MDC T manifesto (4)

Photo by Watson Ofumeli

If elected into office Morgan Tsvangirai has promised to work extensively in resuscitating the economy of Zimbabwe. Among other things he commits to work on the following: Increase access to credit; Foster cluster-based development; Maintain the multiple currency regime through 2018; Devolve resource management and decision-making to the local communities; Resuscitate companies and entities with potential to provide jobs; Convene a local stakeholder consultative conference on the economy; Initiate concrete steps to resolve Zimbabwe’s external debt overhang; Re-engage international financial institutions to open lines of credit; Establish a transparent process of revenue collection from diamonds and other national resources; Create a sovereign wealth fund and equalisation fund; and Create tax incentives and a Housing Fund for low-income housing development. 48 hours to go, Zimbabwe is eagerly awaiting the new dawn. May be 5 days to come Zimbabwe will be singing a New Song. The detailed Manifesto is shared for every reader, ( .


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