The demonstrating women are released

According to Women´s Coalition of Zimbabwe themselves, all the 47 women who where arrested yesterday, was released last night at around 10 pm. This seemed to have happened through pressure from around 300 other women in solidarity with the arrested.

I have, however, no news of the arrested group from the organization (ROHR) Restoration of Human Rights in Zimbabwe, who also demonstrated on the streets of Harare yesterday. See pictures on this link:

On the political side, we receive news that the complete number of regional leaders have accepted to have yet another summit regarding the national and political crises of this country.

In the meantime, people are suffering from the almost complete deterioration of social services, like health and education in addition to the meltdown of social infrastructures like water distribution and food production. On top of that, we ahve learnt that many relief organizations are limited in their operations since the centralbank refuses to release foreign currencies belonging to the organizations. These organizations have enough food to supply millions, but are not able to operate efficiently since money is need for logistics and staff salaries.

by Deniz Kellecioglu, Policy and Advocacy Economist, Harare

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