See the world in the eyes of a child

Cases of abuse have not increased as it may seem like. However, communities have learnt to report such cases hence the sudden mushrooming of all reported cases.  Fact Chiredzi in collaboration with various stakeholders has been instrumental in awareness campaigns as the organisation worked to integrate services of the police and the Social Services department to investigate child abuse cases.  The dividends have yielded, as the culture of silence was broken through information dissemination on behaviour change. Parents have benefited through such workshops and have changed their attitudes, there is now improved dialogue and teachers have also benefited and have been instrumental in identifying cases of abuse at schools.

Barn bakifrån2One little girl was being abused by the paternal grandmother everyday. This came to light when the teacher discovered that the little girl would not want to go home after school. Through the assistance of FACT Chiredzi, the child was interviewed and the cruelty of the grandmother was discovered. The child has since been integrated with the mother after three years of staying apart

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