”Save the lifegivers”

Esrom Nyambare

Esrom Nyambare

Igår berättade vi om Esrom Nyambare som är aktivist för jämställdhet hos Afrikagruppernas partner PADARE. Idag publicerar vi en dikt som han skrivit särskilt för Afrikagruppernas kampanj mot mödradödlighet.


Save the lifegivers

Women are the life givers of the world

In the endeavour to give life

Of their own life many lose hold

But why? Why should maternal mortality wreck havoc on humanity


Maternal mortality – the death of a woman

The cause – pregnancy related complications

Which come in different complexions

Pregnancy induced hypertension

Puerperal sepsis and post-partum haemorrhage

All these, our life givers savage

Whilst little is done our life givers to salvage


Who should take the lead to save women from maternal death?

It takes a man for a woman to be pregnant

But why men abandon her in an instant

Leaving her so ashamed

By that pregnancy to be named

Her only option – illegal abortion

For there is no room for adoption

If you are man don’t go away

Never will she go astray

Together; stay put and looks after the pregnancy

Maternal deaths could be greatly reduced


Governments – should these life givers perish?

As it seem like they have no one, them to cherish?

Why are ante natal services scarce?

Health centres so few to be accessible by all

Maternal health services fees,

Another restraint – for women to access antenatal services


Saving our life givers – everyone’s responsibility

You pregnant woman show your alacrity

Be thorough informed about pregnancy

Visit health centres early during pregnancy

Never miss opportunities to learn of methods

Of pregnancy care, and safe delivery modes


If we truly love our selves

Why our life givers should we shelve?

Yet bundles of joy, to all they bring

Let’s unite our efforts

An end to maternal death we must bring

Only the maternal death we will say we are your Kings.


By Esrom Nyambare

Gender activist and Padare/Enkundleni Executive member

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

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