Regeringens olösta frågor

I Zimbabwes samlingsregering finns det en rad områden som är olösta. På det nyligen hållda SADC-mötet kom man överrens om att det fanns tre frågor har högsta prioritet och de ska klaras ut inom en månad:

Nedan finns en implemterings tabell med vilka områden som ses som olösta och hur regeringen ska arbeta vidare med dem:

1. SANCTIONS Immediate Implementation of the Sanctions Removal Strategy 1. Party Leaders, Executive Party Organs and other lower levels of the three Political Parties.2.  Cabinet Re-Engagement Committee On a continuous basis
2. MEDIA ISSUES 1. Regularisation of the BAZ Board.2.  Appointment of new ZBC Board.

3. Constituting the Media Trust

1.  Minister of Media, Information and Publicity2. Parliamentary Standing Rules and Orders Committee.

3. Principals

Within a month
3. EXTERNAL RADIO STATIONS To call upon foreign governments hosting, funding and relaying pirate radio stations to stop interference in the internal affairs of the Republic of Zimbabwe. 1. JOMIC2. Cabinet Re-engagement Committee Within a month
4. HATE SPEECH IN THE MEDIA To direct the media to support all agreed government programmes and put a stop to attacks against ministers implementing such programmes 1. Vice President John Nkomo, on behalf of the leadership of government.2. Minister of Media, Information and Publicity.

3. Media Council


On a continuous basis
5. RULE OF LAW, STATE SECURITY ORGANS AND INSTITUTIONS To ensure that the Commissioner-General of Police, state security organs and Attorney-General comply with Articles 11 and 13 of the GPA. 1. Security Ministers2. National Security Council

3. The principals

4. Entire Leadership of political parties

On a continuous basis
6. REVIEW OF MINISTERIAL ALLOCATIONS (i.e. CO-MINISTERING OF MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS) For the maintenance of cohesion and progress, the status quo must be maintained, but continuously monitored. Principals Periodic assessment to be made
7. LAND AUDIT Appointment of an inclusive and balanced Land Audit Commission. 1. Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement2. Cabinet Committee on Resettlement and Development (CRD)

3. Cabinet

4. Principals

Within a month’s time
8. LAND TENURE SYSTEMS 1. Emphasis to be placed on a lease-hold system that guarantees security of tenure and collateral value of land, without reversing the land reform programme.2. Need for creativity in establishing a tenure system for the country, taking into account the different circumstances of communal land, A1 land, A2 land and other land tenure systems. 1. Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement2. Cabinet Committee on Rural Resettlement (CRD)

3. Cabinet

Within two months’ time
9. ELECTORAL VACANCIES To extend Article 21.1 (provision not to contest each other) to cover the entire duration of the inclusive government 1. JOMIC2. Political Parties

3. Principals

On a periodic basis
10. CABINET AND COUNCIL OF MINISTERS’ RULES, GUIDELINES AND PROCEDURES Leadership of the inclusive government endorsed Cabinet and Council of Ministers’ Rule, Guidelines and Procedures as agreed by the negotiators. Cabinet office to circularise the Rules, Guidelines and Procedures Immediately
11. MINISTERIAL MANDATES: (ASSIGNMENT OF ACTS) Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet and Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office to meet and submit report on the issue to the Leadership of the Inclusive Government. Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet and Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office. Within a month
12. TRANSPORT ARRANGEMENTS FOR PRINCIPALS Administrative arrangements for the Prime Minister’s fleet to be rectified Office of the President and CabinetDepartment of National Security Immediately
13. SECURITY AIDES FOR THE PRIME MINISTER  AND DEPUTY PRIME MINISTERS To speed up the process of vetting, training and engagement of security personnel for Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers. Minister of State for National Security in the President’s Office Immediately
14. PARALLEL GOVERNMENT The allegation of a “parallel government” to be continuously monitored and evaluated JOMIC Continuously
15. EXTERNAL INTERFERENCE To condemn in unison any external interferences as and when they occur. 1. Leadership of the three Political Parties2. Cabinet Re-Engagement Committee Continuously
16. NATIONAL ECONOMIC COUNCIL (NEC) To expedite the establishment of NEC 1. Minister of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion2. Cabinet

3. Leadership of Government

Within a month
17. CONSTITUTIONAL COMMISSIONS Expedite the regularization of Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission and appointment of Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission 1. Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs2. SROC

3. Principals

18. NATIONAL HEROES Expedite adoption of non-partisan and inclusive principles and framework designation of National Heroes. 1.Cabinet Committee on Honours and Awards2.Cabinet Within two months
19. ROLE AND POSITION OF THE PERMANENT SECRETARY FOR MEDIA, INFORMATION AND PUBLICITY WHO IS ALSO THE PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON Ensure that the Permanent Secretary is apolitical 1. Chairman of the Public Service Commission and2. Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet. Immediately
20. CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO.19 The full text of Constitutional Amendment No. 19 as approved by Parliament should be gazetted and signed. Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs Immediately
21. INTERFERENCE WITH THE RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION AND ASSEMBLY To reaffirm the right to freely organize political activities. 1. Commissioner–General of ZRP2. Co-Ministers of Home Affairs. Immediately
22. ROLE AND FUNDING OF NGOs Government should determine priority areas for donor assistance. 1. Cabinet Aid Coordination Committee (CAC) Immediately
23. MDTF AND SELECTIVE FUNDING OF MINISTRIES BY DONORS Government should improve aid coordination and achieve budget support. 1. Cabinet Committee on Aid Coordination2. Cabinet Immediately
24. AMENDMENTS TO THE ELECTORAL ACT Legislation to be completed 1. Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs2. Cabinet

3. Parliament

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