Help me make it through the night

The night hour is when life is void. This is the most unproductive time and sometimes it is the time when visions and goals die, and sometimes the night times are ignorant times. In programming, people normally talk about statistics; we calculate the numbers, we monitor the trends, we compare the percentages. However, in communities the statistics we work with, are people. SEVACA operates at the boundaries of Mozambique and South Africa. This place is a corridor to the foreign countries. Coupled with the demography of the Shangaan community, the organisation has a lot to transform.

Trevor, a university graduate and one of the beneficiaries from SEVACA’s educational assistance programmes personally acknowledges the aid rendered to him. He highlights that the Shangaan community needs to move out of the dark ages of not appreciating education, and they can do so with the help from implementers.

With the assistance from SEVACA, twenty-three OVC benefitted from the payment of fees for skills training and tertiary education. Twenty of them were enrolled in skills training, that is, 10 in dressmaking and 10 in building. The other three were assisted with tuition fees for their university education.               

Letter from Trevor:

               I would like to thank SEVACA for assisting me in my tertiary education since the year 2009 when I was I enrolled by the organisation. SEVACA provided me with school fees, accommodation fee, food expenses, transport and clothing. I greatly appreciate the intervention of the organisation because without the intervention I could not make it to university, for me to be what I am today it is through the organisation. Most of young people cross the border to South Africa after their O’ and a’ Level because they lack funds to proceed to university. Some even enter into risks through border jumping, but as for me, I thank God through the organisation’s assistance.

My wish and aspiration is to be an example or icon to my Shangaan community so that through me the community can see the importance of education in the 21st century, so that people would move out the dark ages of not appreciating education. My vision is that the youngsters like me should have an aspiration that there is a room at the top, the sky is the limit, education is important.

Currently I am 22 years old, I was born in Bulawayo on the 6th February 1990 where my father once worked in an industry, and we left Bulawayo in 2001 after my father had resigned from that work. After that my father struggled to pay for me school fees but it was very difficult for a peasant farmer to provide for that school fees, the situation being worsened by droughts that kept occurring in our region for several years, so the attention was focused on purchasing food for the family rather than education. I have three older brothers and three older sisters, all of them did well in their education but because of lack of finance they did not proceed to tertiary level. My brothers are in South Africa working for themselves so as to feed their families. Since marriage is the highest achievement of women in our Shangaan community, all my three sisters got married, but I alone through SEVACA was able to go to university.




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