33 years in sync: Zanu PF Manifesto for Zimbabwe

Every citizen has joined in the count down to July 31 with the hope to see change. However, there is no surety of what will become a Zimbabwe after 31 July. With the current Unity Government, citizens expressed their disappointment either by default or purposively unfulfilled promises, un achieved objectives and lack of direction.  The ruling party has had 30 years (33 practical) of trying to implement what they will in the new Manifesto call  Indigenise, Empower, Develop and Employ, though they indicate that, they aim to implement the policies within the next 5 years .

 As a strength, the ruling party highlights its success as; effectively accomplishing Independence of Zimbabwe (though that should be joined claimed by Zanu PF and PF Zapu) if the late Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo had to tell his side. The ruling party also lists its past achievements as, the ability to sign a Unity Accord with the then opposition party (PF Zapu), they also successfully implemented the land reform programme, education, health, gender advancement and security.

IMG_1285The ruling party has its followers who are already celebrating their foreseen victory. The commotion and excitement in the city centres are evidence that Zanu PF supporters are confident of their victory. It is uncommon to see every other 5th vehicle with the ruling party’s president (President Mugabe)’s poster. This year’s ruling party campaign is slightly different, cars and lorries are painted green or yellow which is the colour code for Zanu PF, whilst MDC-T has red with MDC-N green as their colour codes. This afternoon business had to give way to the excited Zanu PF supporters to parade their joy. The media coverage is not objective as some of the casts from other parties are not broadcasted effectively.

The Zanu PF’s Manifesto 2013 begins with a gentle reminder to Zimbabwean citizens of the road to independence, how the armed struggle gave us back our land.  The motto: Peace begins with me, Peace begins with you, Peace begins with all of us, is well sung by all aspiring Zanu PF candidates. The goals of the people that the Zanu PF Government will consolidate, widen and deepen after the forthcoming elections include the following: Independence, Sovereignty, Unity, Security, Respect for the values and ideals of the liberation struggle, Patriotism, Gender equality, Respect for the elderly, Economic prosperity, Achievement, Equity, Peace, Freedom and democracy, Non-violence, Tolerance, Stability, The youth as the future, Employment, Housing for all, Respect for persons with disabilities, Development, Freedom of worship. (http://team-zanupf.com/manifesto.pdf%20for%20Zanu%20PF).

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