To cook a continent -greetings from groundWork at C17

Nedan kommer en uppdatering från Afrikagruppernas partnerorganisation groundWork på plats i Durban en dag efter att ”Smutsiga energiveckan” dragits igång. Kampanjen som startats av ovannämnda organisation ämnar samla miljörörelser och rättviseaktivister för att dela åsikter, synpunkter och förslag på hur världen kan ställa om till mer klimatsmarta energilösningar.

To Cook a Continent -Destructive Extraction and the Climate Crisis in South Africa – some reflections from Nnimmo Bassey at the opening of the Dirty Energy Week!

Africa is central to the climate change debate. SA is known to be one of the largest contributors of GHG emissions. It emits more than 40% of Africa’s GHG.

Climate negotiations package issues in way to show that the world is going green, but one cannot call criminal acts “green” when their resources are up for grabs which also leads to conflicts and wars in some countries. Such acts are continuing all over “Oiled Africa” ranging from Durban coast and entire coast line of Africa to Rift Valley and Nature Reserves to fracking on Karroo. Oil found all over continent and concessions given, explorations, will lead to conflict.

The Stone Age did not end because there were no more stones! Oil age must end because we demand change and shift to a future not built on dirty energy. Destructive activities in South Africa, which has most coal fired national grid on the continent, and more being built has devastation on the rest of the continent. Mining activities are highly energy intensive, and the corporations are provided with cheaper energy than the citizens.

Coal coated townships, pipeline routing through poor areas, are a continuation of apartheid. To support our energy intensive lifestyles, we dig platinum for fuel cells, uranium to feed nuclear, copper for electric motors. There is a serious crisis on four fronts: ecology, health, biodiversity, exploitation, and empowerment. Mere talk will not save climate, and more dollars will not rebuild continents. It is time to end dirty energy now! Leave the oil in the soil, leave the coal in the hole, and leave the tar sands in the land!

Larry Summers mentioned once about Africa

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