Klimatmötet närmar sig! -hälsning från CLP

Greetings to all,
My name is David Ntseng, I work  for a nonprofit organisation called the Church Land Programme (CLP) based in Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.  CLP is one of Africa groups of Sweden’s partners in South Africa. As the climate meeting, COP 17, draws nearer a number of organisations are in discussions about strategies to engage and utilise the space at COP 17. CLP is in discussions with grassroots organisations whose members are affected by wrong decisions and plans undertaken by governments and big industries executives. We had discussions with Landless People’s Movement, Rural Network and Abahlali. This coming weekend a collegial organization and another of Africa groups partners Groundwork is hosting a seminar on COP 17 inviting interested activists and organisations to come and participate. Suffice to say at this stage is that as the time gets closer more and more discussions will take place and plans on activities will take shape.

Click here to view the web sight of the paralell civil society conference.

Below is a statement from La Via Campesina which was developed jointly with Landless People’s Movement in Johannesburg recently.

Stay well until next time! David

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