May Day – Labour Day!

demoThe Americans were the first to march on Labour Day 1st of May in 1886. They marched for a working day of 8palestine hours. From here it spread and today we know 1st of May as the International Labour Day.

I partook in one out of, at least, four marches in Uppsala, Sweden. From what started as a march by the labour movement today seems to be more of a political party event in Sweden. Four marches were organised by: The Left, the Social Democrats, the conservative Christian Democrats and the Syndicalists. The march by The left were joined by a range of non party political organisations such as; LGBTI-organisations,  The Swedish/Iranian association, The Swedish/Kurdish Association etc. Issues addressed by speakers stretched from international solidarity to current Swedish politics; The end of Israeli oppression, the end of Iranian oppression, the unjust student fees for non-European students, the deterioration of the welfare system, full employment and more secure forms of employment, the unequal labour market for non-ethnic swedes.

For the recognition of Western Saharan independence

The Swedish Africa Group of Uppsala was there to shed light on the continued Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara.   The sign reads; Recognition of Western Saharan independence. Morocco out of Western Sahara. Support Polisario.


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