The long hand of the law

One of the unfortunate prejudices about Africa is the lack of time consciousness. In fact, you can hear people always claiming that they are on ‘African time’. Yes, it is a prejudice but in many cases prejudices are based on some truth. Even I will have to agree that some things take much to long and when it comes to finalizing judgement on a corruption case the process takes really too long.
In 2009 a man stole cattle and in less than 6 months he was sentenced for more than 5 years imprisonment. In 2004 leading public figures were charged with defrauding the Social Security Commission of millions of dollars but today, more than 5 years later, the case has not been completed. It has become public knowledge that high-profile cases take forever to finalize in the court of law. Indeed, I have only heard of one such case that came to an end. Two weeks ago a former high-ranking government official was sentenced to jail for his part in taking bribes before awarding gambling licenses.
It seems the process does work…it just takes too long. We are still waiting for the finalization of the corruption cases including the ex-Director General of the National broadcaster NBC, SSC millions as well as the recent case involving the public service commissioner.

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