Feel the Football fever

Today Messi woke up in Africa! Yes, the FIFA footballer of the year 2009 and other great ball jugglers like Ronaldo and Kaka have been in South Africa for over a week preparing for football history. It is an understatement to say that the continent is on fire. South Africa is playing host to probably the greatest sports event in the world; the FIFA World Cup.
The first World Cup on African soil has 6 African countries vying for the trophy. The World Cup not only promises the greatest footballers in the world, but also brings music artist and the world’s leaders. Indeed, our own president, Hifikepunye Pohamba is in South Africa and will rub shoulders with the likes of Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela (who, despite having retreated from public life and having suffered the loss of his great grand-daughter, is expected to make a rare appearance at the opening ceremony. Needless to say, Namibians are intoxicated with the soccer fever. Everywhere you go the talk is about soccer and the chances of an African team making it to the semi-finals. Thanks to the different soccer shirts Namibians are looking like a rainbow nation.
But there is also a dark side to the World Cup. The biggest concern is the anticipated negative effect on the Namibian tourism sector. The tournament is taking place during the traditional tourism peak. Due to the soccer spectacle which has affected the costs of many things Namibia’s traditional tourists may postpone their visit to our lovely country. In addition, soccer fans are not usually interested in high-end lodging but prefer to have basic accommodation in order to spend their money on drinking. Be that as it may, this will be one exciting month for us all.

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