When i was a child i had an idea of Sweden that could be the perfect place in the earth. Because in the 80´s the Swedish community was kind of big in Angola and I used to have a neighbor from Sweden who often give me a chance to know more about while she was living in Luanda and attending classes at Swedish school. Well, I can’t complain we had a lot fun especially at the parties where ABBA music made our feet and body shake enough and the Swedish community apart from being bigger at that time, knew how to receive guests and share it with the local folks.

Suddenly, Sweden comes once again on the spot, I’ve been in Europe, but never ever in Scandinavian countries, this time was the moment to see by myself what my old friend and many other people around the world say about Sweden. The first impression is that all things are extremely organized, starting from Arlanda airport, busses system, trains, subway (tunellbuna), etc, etc, every thing was planned without excluding anything. For a person who comes from country that all those things doesn’t exist or they don’t work in a very proper way, of course…… Sweden is a heaven in the earth. It’s like a brain washed society that every one knows what to do and they do it even if they are alone, make a better place for him, and for the other, preserving a lot the nature, personal values of society as well.

What I was not expecting from Stockholm, is the construction style, I mean, normally the big cities they always have towers building, which I could not see any, and I kept asking where is the towers, eheheheh, of course each country has specific style and Stockholm is fantastic with perfect combination of islands, lovely old buildings (Gamla Stad), churches, castles’, surrounded always by nature (like all meals have salad) breathing pure air. I made a tour around the city, I visited, the royal castle, the Swedish parliament, Centralbadet, Boule & berså, etc, that makes the city strong in culture and rich in things to enjoy or having fun among friends, it was amazing, especially for being in the beginning of summer, and the temperature was really fine, clean blue sky with hot sunlight (28 degrees).

On the weekend I went in a boat tour to one island named Grinda, where nature is one of the postal cards, full of birds, and some others small animals, it’s also such a nice spot for swimming, with rock beach formation surrounding the island. I decided to try out the Nordic sea once that temperature was fine, I guess I made a big mistake because I didn’t try the water first and I jumped directly in the water. I never ever swam in coldest water in all my life, it was really freezing, and they asked me if i like it, I couldn’t speak because I was shaking a lot from being in the water (saying to myself if in the summer is like this, in the winter it’s a hell), just before I finished my thoughts they asked me to go back in water because….. They didn’t take any picture of me swimming, ehehehehehe, I suffered in a very good way.

I liked a lot Stockholm, and my introduction to the Swedish food was Lam meet, and baked potatis, always with lots vegetables and salad, that’s way I named this reflections THE SALAD COUNTRY. Next time I will write about my tour around south of Sweden, and habits, food, culture as well.

Euzinio Santos

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